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Discover a new era of sailing with our comprehensive learning package. We are proud to offer you a unique combination of traditional learning materials and cutting-edge technologies. Our three pillars – the printed book, the innovative app and the interactive video learning platform – give you the freedom and flexibility to customize your learning experience.


Our app is specially designed for iPhone and Android devices. It gives you access to a wealth of information, interactive exercises and clear graphics. Track your progress, test your knowledge and get instant feedback. The app is your personal sailing instructor who accompanies you everywhere.

With our printed book you get a solid foundation of sailing knowledge. Take it on board, underline the important passages and familiarize yourself with the basics. This handy reference book is the ideal companion for anyone who is passionate about sailing.

The video learning platform is the heart of our learning package. Immerse yourself in a world full of visual instructions and realistic scenarios. Our experienced sailing instructors guide you step by step through all relevant topics. Learn maneuvers, navigation techniques and safety precautions in an entertaining and educational way. With high-quality videos and interactive exercises, you will be optimally prepared for your upcoming sailing license exam.


Which course is right for me?

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